ASTM E595除气测试

ASTM E595除气测试/ASTM E 595 outgas testing
ASTM E595 在真空环境中除气作用引起的总质量损失和挥发物质冷凝量的测试方法
ASTM E595 Standard Test Method for Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials from Outgassing in a Vacuum Environment
ASTM E595除气测试-测试方法
ASTM E595除气测试方法包含使用筛选技术来确定的材料在真空状态下的挥发性。需要测试两个参数:总质量亏损(TML)和挥发物质冷凝量(CVCM)。另一个参数水汽量(WVR), 也可以在完成对TML和CVCM的测试后获得。
ASTM E595 outgassing test, This test method covers a screening technique to determine volatile content of materials when exposed to a vacuum environment. Two parameters are measured: total mass loss (TML) and collected volatile condensable materials (CVCM). An additional parameter, the amount of water vapor regained (WVR), can also be obtained after completion of exposures and measurements required for TML and CVCM
ASTM E595除气测试-测试范围
Many types of organic, polymeric, and inorganic materials can be tested by ASTM E595 outgassing test. These include polymer potting compounds,foams, elastomers, films, tapes, insulations, shrink tubings, adhesives, coatings, fabrics, tie cords, and lubricants. The materials may be tested in the “as-received” condition or prepared for test by various curing specifications.
ASTM E595除气测试-测试项目:
TML (total mass loss)总质量亏损
CVCM (collected volatile condensable materials)挥发物质冷凝量,
WVR (the amount of water vapor regained)水汽量
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