Material Analysis Center

Research & Modification

Research & Modification

In the process of actual use and manufacture, products often fail to meet the expected requirements. It is necessary to develop and modify the materials. such as:

〉in flame retardant process, the product can not achieve the effect after being watered, the flame retardant scheme should be redesigned and the water-resistant flame retardant should be sought;
〉The product is fragile at low temperature, produces large smoke and has poor aging resistance, which can not only improve the rigidity, hardness and flame retardancy of materials, but also improve the dimensional stability and creep resistance of products;
〉the products have been improved in surface technology or added flame retardant to interlayer, which still can not meet the requirements of relevant standards;
〉the existing additives have environmental pollution problems, the cost of establishing sewage treatment system is too high,and need to find alternative additives.

Material Research & Modification

Material modification or R&D involves a wide range of professional knowledge and high scientific and technological content. For customers who lack experience in formulation modification or R&D conditions, we have a team of experts with rich experience in various fields. Based on the analysis of material composition and formula, we provide targeted modification or R&D programs and created significant economic benefits for customers.
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