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EcoSafene – Testing and Improving

Ecosafene, located in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen, is a research and development institute and a third-party laboratory focusing on environmental protection and fire safety. Basing on the technical strength of Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ecosafene adheres to the value concept of "profession, trust and sharing" and provides technical services from testing, analysis, research and development to performance improvement. We provide guarantee for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

We own 3 Technical Centers:

1.    Fire Safety Center (CASfire)

The CASfire Fire Testing Center is CMA(China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval) accredited and managed according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017” General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” (CNAS-CL01:2008) and RB/T 214 “Competence assessment for inspection body and laboratory mandatory approval – General requirement for inspection body and laboratory”, we provide customers with reliable fire testing services.
CASfire headed by experts from related fields of the Chinese Academy of Sciences includes members from Fujian Key Laboratory of Fire Retardant Materials and State Key Laboratory of Fire Science. They have been chairing and participating in several provincial and municipal state-level scientific research projects, including rare earth synergistic ABS, microencapsulation of flame retardants and other achievements. We work for:

Ø  Fire Testing:  Demonstrate the compliance of fire regulation

Ø  Technical Survey:  Analyze and find the fire safety solution

Ø  Fire Performance Improving:  Increase the fire performance

Ø  Certification:  Assure the high quality

Ø  Fire Research & Development:  R&D to innovation

Ø  Fire Assessment:   Minimize fire risk

Ø  Normalization:  Formulate the technical files

Ø  Fire Simulation:  Fire simulation to designing

Ø  Training:  Understand the standard and Rules

2.    Material Analysis Center

CASfire Material Analysis Center has tens of advanced analytical and testing equipment. We collects many experts and scholars, combines our advantages and accumulated experience for many years.And our experts will also provide with you professional advice and suggestion basing on analysis. We work for:

Ø  Composition Analysis

Ø  Formula Analysis

Ø  Unknown Substance Analysis

Ø  Morphology Analysis

Ø  Chemical Testing

Ø  Physical Test

Ø  Research & Modification

Ø  Training and Education

3.    Environmental Center

Ø  Environmental Test

Ø  Chemical Testing

Ø  Dioxin Test

Ø  LCI Development

Ø  Consulting for sustainable development 

Ecosafene also has close collaboration with worldwide authoritative testing and certification institutions and national bureaus for standards. Our partner including: CREPIM, SGS, TUV, EXOVA, ELEMENT, BRE, UL, VVUD, TZU, BMT, CTC, AFNOR, EPH, GML, etc..  

Ecosafene has liaisons in European, USA, Hongkong, the local and worldwide service net will serve you efficiently and conveniently

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