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CE marking to Wood flooring– EN 14342

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Ä CE marking to Wood flooring - Introduction
CE stands for Conformité Européenne, "European conformity" in French. It is a mandatory conformity mark on many products placed on the European market. Then what is CE mean for the manufacturer and trader who put Wood Flooring into European market?
The CE marking certifies that a product has met safety, environmental protection, health and consumers protection required by Construction Products Direction (CPD 89/106/EEC) and related standards (European harmonized standard EN 14342), moreover, it could avoid technical barriers reasonably to trade freely in European market and open other international market.
From 1 January 2007 on, all the wood flooring covering which would into European market should meet related directive and standard, tested, certified and affix CE mark.
wood flooring   CE marking

CE marking to Wood flooring - Directive and Harmonized Standard

European DirectiveConstruction Products Direction (CPD 89/106/EEC)
BEuropean harmonized standard
- EN 14342: wood flooring – characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
Ä CE marking to Wood flooring - EN 14342- Requirement
> Moisture contend – EN 13183
> Reaction to fire - EN 13501-1
> Content of pentachlorophenol – prCEN/TR 14823
> Emission of formaldehyde – EN 717-1
> Breaking strength – EN 1533
> Slipperiness – CEN/TS 15676
> Thermal conductivity if necessary – EN 12664
> Biological durability – EN 335-1 and EN 335-2
Ä CE marking to Wood flooring - Procedure
1. Identify the type of product and submit the application
2. Identify Applicable "DIRECTIVES", Wood flooring is a construction products, so it must subject to the Construction Products Directive (CPD 89/106/EEC)
3. Identify Applicable "Standard", Wood flooring should subject to the standard EN14342.
4. European Union Notified Body test one sample of the product under the system 3
5. Obtain the test report and certificate awarded by European Union Notified Body
6. Sign the EC "Declaration of Conformity"
7. Affix "CE Mark" on the product
8. Trade in European market freely
Ä The range of products under Harmonized Standard EN14342
> CE marking to Solid wood flooring
> CE marking to Engineered wood flooring
> CE marking Multi-layer engineered wood flooring
> CE marking Wood flooring
> And so on
Ä CE marking to Wood flooring – References
> EN 717-1: Wood-based panels - Determination of formaldehyde release - Part 1: Formaldehyde release by the chamber method
> EN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests
> EN 9239-1: Reaction to fire tests for floorings -- Part 1: Determination of the burning behavior using a radiant heat source
> EN 11925-1: Reaction to fire tests -- Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame -- Part 1: Guidance on ignitability
> EN 1533: Wood and parquet flooring -Determination of bending properties -Test methods
> EN 13986: Wood-based panels for use in construction Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
Ä CE marking to other flooring covering – Related Standard
> CE marking to laminate flooring: EN 14041
> CE marking to resilient flooring: EN 14041
> CE marking to plastic flooring: EN 14041
> CE marking to rubber flooring: EN 14041
> CE marking to solid wood flooring: EN 14342
> CE marking to engineered wood flooring: EN 14342
> CE marking to Bamboo flooring: EN 14342
> CE marking to engineered bamboo flooring: EN 14342
> CE marking to sport flooring:: EN 14904
> CE marking to natural stone flooring:: EN 12058
> CE marking to man-made stone flooring:: EN 15285
> CE marking to ceramic tile: EN 14411
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