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CE marking to Carpet – EN 14041 – CPR 305/2011/EU

CE marking to Carpet – EN 14041 – CPR 305/2011/EU
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CE marking to CarpetBrief
CE mark or CE marking is an obligatory product mark for the European Market.The CE marking is intended to facilitate the free movement of goods within the European Economic Area for because it reflects the product conformity with the essential requirements of European regulations and directives which 305/2011/EU Construction Product Regulation . CPR sets the conditions for the placing on the market or the availability on the market of construction products by establishing harmonized on how to express the performance of construction products in relation to their essential characteristics and rules on use of CE marking on those products.
CE marking to Carpet indicate the products comply with not only Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011/EU, but also essential requirement of Harmonized Standard EN 14041. Ease you to export your products to EU market.
Importance: From July 1,2013. CE marking to Building Material shall comply with New Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011/EU, Instead of Construction Products Directive CPD 106/89/EEC.
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CE marking to CarpetProcedure
1. Identify your Products subject to New Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011/EU.
2. Identify your Products subject to EU Harmonized Standard EN 14041.
3. Identify the Attestation System of Conformity under EN 14041
4. Identify the type of your products and submit the application.
5. EU Notified Body for CE marking conduct testing or/and FPC for you
6. Obtain the report or/and certificate awarded by EU Notified Body
7. Sign the DOP document "Declaration of Performance"
8. Affix "CE Mark" on the product
9. Trade in European market freely
CE marking to CarpetRegulation and Harmonized Standard
ARegulation CPR(Construction Product Regulation) 305/2011/EU
BStandard- EN 14041: Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Essential characteristics
CE marking to CarpetEssential Requirement
> Reaction to fire Accordance with EN 13501 for classification
> Emission of formaldehydeAccordance with EN 717-1
> Thermal conductivity if necessary
What Products is involved in Standard EN 14041 for CE marking
> CE marking to Laminated Flooring
> CE marking to Carpet
> CE marking to Resilient Flooring
> CE marking to PVC flooring
> CE marking to Rubber Flooring
> CE marking to Textile Flooring
> Ect.
Reference Standard to Flooring Covering for CE marking
> CE marking to Wood Flooring: EN 14342
> CE marking to Sport Surface: EN 14904
> CE marking to Nature Stone: EN 12058, EN 12057
> CE marking to Man-made Stone: EN 15285
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> Floorscore Certifcation
> USCG Approval
> DIBT Approval
> Wheelmark Approval
> Fire testing
> VOC Test
> Acoustics Test, STC, IIC…
DIBT Floorscore wheelmark
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