Fire Research Center



With the wide application of plastic, rubber and polymer materials in various fields, the possibility of fire has been greatly increased, which makes it more urgent to improve the fire performance to traditional materials.

The fire performance of the product can be effectively improved by flame retardants and surface treatment.

Our Technical Service – Improvement:
Fire standards for buildings, railway vehicle, aircraft, fabrics and other fields have been continuously developed with detailed requirement. In terms of fire performance requirements, more mature and rigorous standards has been issued, such as EN 45545-2, EN 13501-1, BS 476-7, DIN4102-1, and NF P92-507

We will improve the fire performance to:
〉Rubber products
〉Plastic products
〉Wire and cable
〉Textile and fabric
〉Fireproof material
〉Fire barrier
〉Fire Stop material
〉Fire Resistance Structure

Our approach for improvement:
〉Addition of Flame Retardant
〉Application of Surface Treatment Technology
〉Improvement of structure
〉Improvement of process
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