Fire Research Center



Science and technology are the first productive forces, and innovation is the first driving force for development.

For a long time, science and technology have promoted the development of fire safety. Effective fire research and development has provided impetus for the improvement of fire retardant and fire prevention technology.

Our Technical Service – Fire Research & Development:

On the basis of technical survey, test and objective data, we will work in fire research and development for you:
> Research and Development of Flame Retardant Materials
> Research and Development of Fireproof material and structure
> Research and Development of Flame Retardant Technology
> Research and Development of Flame Retardant Application

Fire Research and development includes:
> Basic Research: Provide theoretical basis for the application of new technologies and the development of new products.
> Application Research: Providing Research for the Application of New Products and New Technologies with Theoretical Basis
> Development Research: Based on Application Research, targeted research on your product development
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