FAR 25.853: Horizontal Flammability Test – Fire Test to Aircraft Material


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Ä FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material - Standard 
  Far 25.853: Fire Protection for compartment interior
Ä FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material – Horizontal Flammability Test
ü Horizontal Flammability Test – test method 
Horizontal test. A minimum of three specimens must be tested and the results averaged. Each specimen must be supported horizontally. The exposed surface, when installed in the aircraft, must be face down for the test. The specimen must be exposed to a Bunsen or Tirrill burner with a nominal3/8—inch 1.D. tube adjusted to give a flame of 11/2inches in height. The minimum flame temperature measured by a calibrated thermocouple pyrometer in the center of the flame must be 1550 °F. The specimen must be positioned so that the edge being tested is centered3/4-inch above the top of the burner. The flame must be applied for 15 seconds and then removed. A minimum of 10 inches of specimen must be used for timing purposes, approximately 11/2inches must burn before the burning front reaches the timing zone, and the average bum rate must be recorded
Ä Fire Test to aircraft material – other standards 
ü Airbus standard: ABD 0031 - airbus fire testing – flame, smoke and toxicity
ü Boeing Standard: BSS 7238 fire testing to smoke density
ü Boeing Standard: BSS 7239 fire testing to toxicity
ü ASTM Standard: ASTM E 662 fire testing to Smoke Density
Ä  Far 25.853 Fire test to aircraft material – Test method
ü Vertical flammability test: 14 FAR 25.853 b(4)), (App. F to part 25 part I § (a)
ü Smoke Density Test: 14 FAR 25.853 (d), (App. F to part 25, part V)
ü Heat Release Test: 14 FAR 25.853 (d), Appendix F, Part IV
ü Seat Test: 14 FAR 25.853 (c, App.F to part II)
ü Horizontal Test: 14 FAR 25.853 b(2,3), (App. F to part 25 part I § (a),(1)
ü 45° flammability test: 14 FAR 25.853 (b), (App. F to part 25, part I § (6))
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