BS 7837 Specification for Flammability performance for textiles

 BS 7837 Fire Test - Standard Code

BS 7837:Specification for Flammability performance for textiles used in the construction of marquees and similar textile structures


BS 7837 Fire Test - Standard Scope

This British Standard specifies requirements for flammability of fabrics and fabric assemblies for use in the construction of textile structures such as marquees,large tents,temporary buildings, awnings and other textile structures utilizing large areas of a flexible textile membrane other than  air-supported sturctures,when tested in accordance with test 2B(bottom edge ignition) of BS5438.


BS 7837 Fire Test - other Standards

BS 5576:Specificaiton for fire safety features of camping tents, awnings, trailer tents and caravan awnings

BS 5867-2: Specification for Fabrics for curtains and drapes -- Part 2: Flammability requirements

BS 5438:Methods for Flammability of vertically oriented textile fabrics and fabric assemblies subjected to a small igniting flame 

EN 1101:Textiles and textile products. Burning behaviour. Curtains and drapes. Detailed procedure to determine the ignitability of vertically oriented specimens (small flame) Procedure ISO 6940

EN 1103Textiles -Fabrics for apparel -Detailed procedure to determine the burning behaviour

EN 14878:Textiles. Burning behaviour of children's nightwear. Specification

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