BSS 7239 Toxicity Test - Fire test to Aircraft material-Boeing Standard


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Ä BSS 7239 Fire Test to Aircraft Material – Toxicity  
BSS 7239: Test method for toxic gas generation by materials on combustion 
ü BSS 7239 Fire Test to Aircraft Material – Toxicity - Brief 
Gases produced for analysis are generated in a specified, calibrated smoke chamber during standard rate of smoke generation testing (ASTM E 662), in both flaming combustion and non-flaming pyrolytic decomposition test modes
ü BSS 7239 Fire Test to Aircraft Material – Gases measured 
   The following gases are required to be measured by this test standard
        CO     Carbon monoxide
        HF     Hydrogen Fluoride
        HCl     Hydrogen chloride
        NOx    Nitrogen oxides (Both NO, nitric oxide, and NO2, Nitrogen dioxide, are detected)
        SO2    Sulfur dioxide
        HCN    Hydrogen cyanide
Ä Fire test to aircraft material – relative standards 
ü FAR 25.853 flammability test to aircraft material
ü Air bus standardABD 0031 - airbus fire testing – flame, smoke and toxicity
ü Boeing StandardBSS 7238 fire testing to smoke density
ü Boeing StandardBSS 7239 fire testing to toxicity
ü ASTM StandardASTM E 662 fire testing to Smoke Density
ü ASTM StandardASTM E 162 Surface Flammability of materials
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