Fire Test to Curtain – Standard List


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Ä Fire test to curtain-products
ü Window Curtain
ü Door Curtain
Ä Fire Test to CurtainStandard List
ü ISO 6940: Determination of ease of ignition of vertically oriented specimens
ü ISO 6941: Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens
ü EN 13773: Burning behaviour-Curtains and drapes Classification scheme
ü EN 1101: Curtains and drapes-Detailed procedure to determine the ignitability of vertically oriented specimens (small flame)
ü EN 1102: Curtains and Drapes-Detailed Procedure to Determine the Flame Spread of Vertically Oriented Specimens
ü EN 1103: Fabrics for apparel-Detailed procedure to determine the burning behaviour
ü BS 5857-2: measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits. using tracers-Measurement of gas flow
ü BS 5438: test for flammability of textile fabrics when subjected to a small igniting flame applied to the face or bottom edge of vertically oriented specimens
ü DIN 4102-1: Building materials-concepts. requirements and tests
ü NFPA 701: Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films
ü CAN/ULC S109: Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films
ü AS 1530: fire tests on building materials-components and structures
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