PrCEN/TS 45545-2: Fire Test to Railway components

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Ä  EN45545-2 / PrCEN TS 45545-2 Fire test to railway componet - Standard
ü  EN45545-2: Fire protection of railway vehicles - Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviours of materials and components
Ä  EN 45545-2 / PrCEN TS 45545-2 Fire Test to railway componentsStandard Brief
ü  The Content of part 2 is
Ø  Functional description of the fire safety objectives
Ø  The generic material classes and the requirement classes
Ø  Test methods according to the generic material classes
Ø  Characteristic requirement of the system test
Ø  Requirements in principle for selection of testing and test samples
Ø  Interior material construction
ü This European standard specifies:
Ø  Measures on railway vehicles for fire protection
Ø  Verification of these measures
Ø  The objective of the measures and requirements specified in this European standard is to protect passengers and staff in railway vehicles in the event of a fire on board
Ø It is not within the scope of this standard to describe measures which ensure the preservation of the vehicles in the events of a fire
üRailway vehicles in this standard are
Ø   Locomotives                       Ø Multiple units
Ø   Coaches                            Ø   Light rail vehicles
Ø   Underground vehicles          Ø Trams
Ø Trolley buses (only in relation to the electrical equipment)
Ø Magnetic levitation vehicles 
ü For the objectives the following possible scenarios are taken in account
Fire resulting from accident or arson typical ignition models involving newspaper, matches, cigarettes and gas lighters shall be taken into consideration in any position freely accessible to passengers and staff.
Fire resulting from technical defects ignition models, comparable to electric arcs or abnormal temperatures shall be take into consideration. The effects of any flammable gases or flammable liquids which may be present shall also be taken into account.
Fire resulting from larger ignition models to reduce the hazards to passenger and staff, the following requirements, which are defined in all parts of their technical specification, are intended to cover cases with bigger ignition models e.g. Passenger clothes or passenger luggage 
Ä EN 45545-2 / PrCEN TS 45545-2 Fire Test to railway components - Scope
ü  The some parameters for evaluation of reaction to fire are spread of flame
Ø  Ignitability            Ø  Heat release
Ø  Smoke                Ø  Toxicity
ü  The test methods are unique, taking in account the different materials classes like
Ø  Structural surface related products
Ø  Furniture products
Ø  Electrical equipment
Ø  Mechanical equipment
Ä  EN 45545-2 / PrCEN TS 45545-2 Fire Test to railway components – Test Method
ü  Implementing compliant fire safety measures
Ø  The small scale test methods for testing the fire safety properties are checked to be in consistence with the real scale tests in vehicles
Ø  The flame spread test is also used in the IMO regulation
Ø  Smoke and toxic measurement uses the European smoke chamber EN ISO 5659 
Intended Use
Test Method
EN 45545-2
Surface Products
Spread of Flame
ISO 5658-2
Heat Release
ISO 5660-1
Smoke Density
ISO 5659-2
Smoke Toxicity
ISO 5659-2
EN 45545-2
Air filter material
Ignition Test
ISO 11925-2
Heat Release
ISO 5660-1
Smoke Density
ISO 5659-2
Smoke Toxicity
ISO 5659-2
EN 45545-2
Flooring Covering
Heat Release
ISO 5660-1
Critical Heat Flux
ISO 9239-1
Smoke Density
ISO 5659-2
Smoke Toxicity
ISO 5659-2
EN 45545-2
R14, R15
Wire & Cable
Burning test to Single Cable
EN 60332-1-2
Burning test to Bunch Cable
EN 50266-2-4
Smoke Density
EN 61034-2
Smoke Toxicity
NF X70-100-1 & 2
EN 45545-2
Small Scale Material
Electrical Equipment
Oxygen Index
EN ISO 4589-2
Smoke Density
EN ISO 5659-2
Smoke Toxicity
NF X70-100-1 & 2
Ä  EN 45545-2 / PrCEN TS 45545-2 Fire Test to railway componentsProduct Scope
- Rubber Products (Seal and filter
- Melamine foam for thermal insulation
- Sound insulation blanket
- Textile for curtain, seat backing
- Plastic Products (light shade, shell of cell)
- Flooring (glue and adhesive
- Cable
- Sound insulation blanket
- Electrical Device
- Fire-resistance paint
- Fire-redartant adhesive
- Seat (Sponge)
Ä  EN 45545-2 / PrCEN TS 45545-2 Fire Test to railway componentsReference Standard
ü    EN 45545-1: Fire Protection of railway Vehicles – Part 1: General
ü EN 45545-2: Fire Protection of railway Vehicles – Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviour of materials and components
ü EN 45545-3: Fire Protection of railway Vehicles – Part 3: Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers and partitions
ü EN 45545-4: Fire Protection of railway Vehicles – Part 4: Fire safety requirements for railway rolling stock design
ü EN 45545-5: Fire Protection of railway Vehicles – Part 5: Fire safety requirements for electrical equipment incluing that of trolley buses, track guided buses and magnetic levitation vehicles
ü EN 45545-6: Fire Protection of railway Vehicles – Part 6: Fire control and management system
ü EN 45545-7: Fire Protection of railway Vehicles – Part 7: Fire safety requirement for flammable liquid and flammable gas installations
ü EN ISO 1182, Reaction to fire tests for building products. Non-combustibility test (ISO 1182:2002)
ü EN ISO 1716, Reaction to fire tests for building products. Determination of the heat of combustion (ISO 1716:2002)
ü EN ISO 9239-1, Reaction to fire tests for floorings. Part 1: Determination of the burning behaviour using a radiant heat source (ISO 9239-1:2002)
ü EN ISO 11925-2, Reaction to fire tests. Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame . Part 2: Single-flame source test (ISO 11925-2:2002)
ü EN ISO 4589-2ISO 4589-2: Plastics -- Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index -- Part 2: Ambient-temperature test
ü NF X70-100: Fire behaviour tests – Analysis of pyrolysis and combustion gases – Pipe still method
ü ISO 5659-2: Plastics -- Smoke generation -- Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single-chamber test
ü EN ISO 5658-2, Reaction to fire tests. Spread of flame. Lateral spread on building products in vertical configuration
ü ISO 5660-1: Reaction-to-fire tests -- Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate -- Part 1: Heat release rate (cone calorimeter method)
ü EN ISO 12952-3: Texitile. Flammability
ü EN 50266-2-4 Common Test Methods for Cables under Fire Conditions - Test for Vertical Flame Spread of Vertically-Mounted Bunched Wires or Cables Part 2-4: procedures – Category C
ü EN 50305: Railway applications. Railway rolling stock cables having special fire performance. Test methods
ü EN 60332-1-2: Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions Part 1-2: Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable Procedure for 1 kW pre-mixed flame
ü EN 61034-1: Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions Part 1: Test apparatus
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