G/B 19258 Ultraviolet Bactericidal Lamp-Ultraviolet Intensity
Standard name:
G/B 19258 ultraviolet bactericidal lamp
Scope of application:
This standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage of low-pressure mercury vapor discharge ultraviolet sterilization lamps (hereinafter referred to as "lamps"). This standard is applicable to double-ended, single-ended or self-ballasting lamps with or without ozone produced by quartz glass. The peak wavelength of ultraviolet radiation is 253.7 rnn.
This standard is applicable to lamps with power below 65 W.
Inspection Rules:
1) In order to check whether the quality of the lamp meets the requirements of this standard, the inspection department of the production enterprise shall carry out the delivery test and routine test of the lamp.
2) Samples for the test should be evenly extracted from the same type of lamp produced in batches every day. The delivery test shall be carried out in accordance with GB/T 2828.1. The test items, the inspection level of sampling scheme and the qualified quality level shall conform to Table 4. At the same time, the same type of products submitted for acceptance are a batch. Inspection rules for safety items in delivery tests shall be in accordance with relevant safety standards.
3) Routine tests should be conducted at least once a year. Samples from routine tests should be evenly drawn from the lamp that has passed the test. Routine tests should be carried out when production is suspended for more than half a year or when changes in product structure, main raw materials or production processes may affect the performance of lamps. The routine test shall be carried out according to the one-time sampling plan of GB/T 2829 discrimination level 1. The test items, the level of unqualified quality, the number of spot checks and the array of qualified judgement shall conform to Table 5. Sample inspection of quality supervision shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of routine inspection.
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