GB/T 18883 Indoor Air Quality Standard-TVOC Concentration-20 cm outlet
Standard name:
GB/T 18883 Indoor Air Quality Standard
Relevant criteria and basis:
ISO 16017-1 Indoor.ambient and workplace air-Sampling and analysis of volatile organic com-pounds by sorbent tube/thermal desortpion /capillary gas chromatography-part 1:pumped sampling
Test Principle:
Selecting suitable adsorbents (Tenax GC or Tenax TA), a certain volume of air samples were collected by the adsorption tube, and the volatile organic compounds in the air stream were retained in the adsorption tube. After sampling, the adsorbent tube was heated to desorb volatile organic compounds, and the sample to be measured was introduced into capillary gas chromatography with inert carrier gas. Qualitative peak height or peak area were quantified by retention time.
Scope and place of application:
1) Determination range: This method is suitable for the determination of VOCs in air with concentration ranging from 0.5μg/m3 to 100mg/m³.
2) Place of application: This method is applicable to indoor, environmental and workplace air, as well as to the evaluation of the release of materials in small or large test cabins.
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