AITM Airbus Fire Test

AITM Airbus Fire Test - Test Standard

AITM2-0002 (AITM2.0002) 12s or 60s Vertical flammability test
AITM2-0003 (AITM2.0003) Horizontal Test
AITM2-0004 (AITM2.0004) 45° flammability test
AITM2-0005 (AITM2.0005) 60° flammability test
AITM2-0006 (AITM2.0006) Heat Release Test
AITM2-0007 (AITM2.0007) Smoke Density Test
AITM2-0008 (AITM2.0008) Smoke Density Test
AITM2-0009 (AITM2.0009) Seating Test
AITM3.0005 (AITM3.0005) Toxicity test

AITM Airbus Fire Test – Product Scope

Rubber Product, Rubber Seal
Plastic Product
Life jacket
Fire Coating
Fire Adhesive
Cable and Wire
Textile (Curtain, carpet)

ABD 0031 Fire Test to Aircraft Material –Relative Standards

FAR 25.853 Airworthiness standards: Flammability of Compartment interior materials
BSS 7238 Test method for smoke generation by materials on combustion
BSS 7239 Test method for toxic gas generation by materials on combustion
ASTM E662 Test Method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials

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