&  Ecosafene Product Service Co.,Ltd will provide Strong Support for Product Testing and Certification to you for kinds of products.
From the product design, we focus on the products safety and protect environment, guarantee from quality manual, until to check, expert inspection, investigate activity, final certification. Ecosafene always Stand with you.
Finding efficient solutions for widely differing client needs. That is the objective of our division and one which all our staff see as their most important task. Knowing what our clients want, being up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, having suitable solutions on tap, that is our claim. To fulfill it, we co-operate with high-ranking experts and experienced practitioners, focusing on clients' needs, practical solutions and service
Our specialist and experts would provide different technical supports to the enterprise developing, which based on the applicable regulation and standards, in order to explain the questions from product developing and design, assistant the enterprise to choose the suitable material and parts, furthermore, we would advise on the production and inspection process
You would have more time to focus on your key business, our team with the full solution, it would create a widely business future, in order to assist you are in drastic competition with a win-win situation
Æ Strong Support, we always provide for you.
v Basic Checking
v Safety Checking
v Evaluation for hygiene and environment
v Compilation of Technical files
v Correction of Product
v Following up of service
v Guidance for International Trade
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