In these years, European countries have published many directives, regulation and standards, as well as constitute the related eligibility assess procedure, some of them are rigor and some of them are lacking of the sufficiency science gist.

According to questionnaire, overseas technical barriers have influence Chinese export, it has involved more than two part of export enterprises, and one-third of the export commodity, it has decrease 200 a hundred million USD per year. The major difficult for the enterprise who deal with overseas technical barriers: incomprehension overseas information, lacking effective solution proposal, be short of investment which improve the technical level.
& Then, as the manufacture/ trade Company:
F If you are worried about how to deal with the export trade business with the complicated directives and standards?
F If you are the one have no idea how to choose the right product and suitable suppliers?


To make you all sales and purchasing need to comply with each countries required and local directive for your branches (including china). Most of countries have their own directive and local requirements, it also would be different district even in the same countries. Such as European CE marking, Key Mark, Germany GS, LFGB, French NF, South African SABS, Chinese compulsory CCC certification, Japanese JIS, North American UL, UPC, CSA, etc
In a word, Ecosafene offer a platform for sale and purchase-olve out your worries, in order to improve your business in international Trade

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FireTC is a B2B electronic Business platform basing on worldwide regulation for fire testing and protection. FireTC provides a media of study, discussion and research for the trader, manufacturer of fire proof materials and establishs a platform for sales and purchase.

FireTC is an information center for worldwide fire regulation and standard and flame retardant knowledge, which aim for increasing the attention for fire and avoiding fire. FireTC will provide the better service and create more business chance to manufactures and traders of fire proof material and products

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