Product testing is an integral part of the product development life cycle, starting from the requirements to the implementation phase. Global enterprises have borne the brunt of not testing products and have lost several million dollars as a result. Product testing not only reduces the risk of business losses, but also improves the quality of the product significantly. In today's multiple technology platform scenarios, product testing is more critical than ever.

Testing of any product, raw materials and accessories is a necessary requirement in providing quality assurance to clients and ensuring the safety of end users. Testing can be performed on a wide range of materials, the product, product lines, prototype creations and services
Product testing can form part of the product certification process or it can stand alone as an independent process
& Ecosafene Product Service Co.,Ltd will provide service of product testing to you for kinds of products.
Ö Fire Testing
v Fire Testing to Railway components (Train and Railway Transportation System)
v Fire Testing to Marine Equipment
v Fire Testing to Aircraft Material
v Fire Testing to Motor Vehicle
v Fire Testing to Building Material
v Fire Testing to Furniture & Texitle
v Fire Testing to Electrical and Electronic
Ö Product Testing to Electrical Device
v EMC Testing
v LVD Testing
v RoHS Testing
v Safety Testing
v Performance Testing
Ö Food Grade Testing – Food Contact
v German Food Grade Testing and Certification - LFGB
v French Food Grade Testing and Certification
v America Food Grade Testing and Certification – FDA
Ö Environment Protection Testing – Chemical Test
v RoHS Testing
v Phthalate Testing
v Reach Testing
v Pahs Testing
v DMF Testing
v VOC Testing
v Heavy Metal Testing
v Formaldehyde Testing
Ö Safety Testing – Physical Test
v Mechanical performance
v outgass testing-ASTM E595
v Harness testing
v Tensile testing
v Safety Testing 
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