&  Ecosafene Products Service Co.,Ltd will provide service of Training to you for kinds of products.
Ecosafene is also provider of training, information and knowledge on standards, management systems, business improvement and the achievement of regulatory approval for products.Our expert teams provide quality training to company of all sizes and every type of activity.From understanding how a standard can help your business, to implementing, monitoring and auditing your compliance to that standard, we can support you all the way.
Ecosafene help individuals and enterprise gain the skills that they require to operate testing and certification effectively. Courses range from areas such as health and safety or the environment to risk management.
training programmes can offer face to face interaction with renowned technical experts, international lawyers and certification specialists in safety, auditing, inspection and laboratory services in order to help identify key issues affecting business today. As a result, clients will receive important insight that will enhance brand value, improve market performance and create a competitive advantage.
Æ Training for Product Testing and Certification – Benefit:  
v Understand the latest standard , directive and Regulation
v Know about the procedure of Testing and Certification
v Continuing to comply with International standard
v Develop the international market
v Benefit from business
Æ Train for Product Testing and Certification – New Beginning
The end often marks the beginning. To ensure that your organization can master the claims it is facing and that the steps into the future are even easier for you we are making you an offer.
Namely, that what your company has been aiming for with the Certification of your products and management systems is not only implemented and realized in the day-to-day operations but also surpassed and developed to Business Excellence levels.
Process Re-engineering is only workable with concepts leading to measurable bottom line results, and executable steps which are practical and traceable.
After Training, You want to see
v That Quality is understood on a higher and comprehensive level reaching Business Excellence
v That material and resources are not further wasted
v That the defect rate is significantly reduced
v That your operations are managed cost efficiently
v That your employees potential is continuously developed
v That relationships with your customers are long lasting
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