Railway Vehicle Fire Testing and certification
In Europe, USA and other countries, there are many standard and test method of fire testing for railway components because of the difference of background of history and experience on fire proof.
& Ecosafene have rich experience to provide fire test to railway components:
Ä Fire Testing and certification to Railway Vehicle - Performance
Ø           Fire Resistance
Ø           Fire and flame propagation
There are some phenomena:
è Smoke Density              è Toxicity
è Heat Release                  è Corrosion
Ä Fire Testing and certification to Railway Vehicle – Product Scope
- Rubber Products (Seal and filter
- Melamine foam for thermal insulation
- Sound insulation blanket
- Textile for curtain, seat backing
- Plastic Products (light shade, shell of cell)
- Flooring (glue and adhesive
- Cable
- Sound insulation blanket
- Electrical Device
- Fire-resistance paint
- Fire-redartant adhesive
- Seat (Sponge)
Ä Fire Testing and certification to Railway Vehicle – Product Scope
EuropeanPrCEN TS 45545-2
    EN ISO 4589-2Oxygen Index
    NF X70-100Smoke Toxicity
    ISO 5659-2Smoke density
    ISO 5658-2: Flame Spread
    ISO 5660-1: Heat Release
    DIN EN 50305: fire test to cable
    ISO 12952-3Flammability of textile
BritishBS 6853 -- LUL 1-085
    BS 476 Part 6: Fire Propagation
    BS 476 Part 7: Surface Flammability
    EN 9239: Critical Heat Flux
    BS 6853 Annex B: Smoke Toxicity
    BS 6853 Annex D: Smoke Density
    ISO 4589-2: Oxygen Index
    BS 476-15: Heat Release
FrenchNF F 16-101/102
    NF X 10-702: Smoke Density
    NF X 10-100: Smoke Toxicity
    ISO 4589-2: Oxygen Index
    EN 60695: Glow Wire
    NF P 92-501: M class Flammability
    NF P92-503: M Class Flammability
    NF C 32-070: Fire test to cable
GermanyDIN 5510-2
    DIN 54837: Flammability of small part
    EN ISO 9239-1: Critical Hear flux
    DIN 53438-2: S1-Flammability
    DIN EN 1021-1: Fire test to seat
    ISO 5659-2 Smoke Toxicity
    EN 597: Fire test to bedding components
    EN 61034-2: Smoke for cable
ItlayUNI CEI11170-3
    UNI 9174Flame test
    UNI 8457Ignition test
    UNI 9175Ignition test to furniture
    ISO 11925-2: Ignition test
    ISO 5660-1: Heat release
    EN 50305Fire test to cable
    NF F 16-101: Fire test to roll stock
    ASTM D 3675: Surface Flammability
    ASTM E 662: Smoke Density
    ASTM E 648: Critical Heat Flux
    ASTM E 162: Surface Flammability
    ASTM C 1166: Fire propagation
    UL 1581: fire test to cable
    ASTM E1537: fire test holstered furniture
    UNE 23721
Austria Standard
    Germany: DIN 5510-2
Switzerland Standard
    Germany: DIN 5510-2
Israel Standard
    SI 5435
Chinese Standard
    TBT 3138
    DIN 5510-2
    BS 6853
    NF F 16-101/102
Korea Standard
    ISO 5658-2:
    ISO 4589-2:
    BS 6853 Annex B
    ASTM E 662
Turkey Standard
    USA: NFPA 130
UIC standard
    UIC 564-2
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